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Our company specializes in the production of various types of transformer cores, nickel steel sheets, shielding covers and peripheral products. After more than ten years of efforts and precipitation,
Now we have more than 30 acres of our own plant, imported precision dies, high-speed punches and other high-quality machinery and equipment, as well as a dedicated and enterprising.
Advanced R&D team. Finally, a good ecological chain is formed, which is customer-oriented, factory-assisted and sales expansion. Customer needs are
The direction of our research and development, customer feedback is the driving force and target of our efforts.

From the initial nickel steel sheet to the comprehensive development of various products, such as Hall sensor core, winding core, various sizes.
Shield case, shield cover. In the future, we will make greater efforts to return customers'trust and support with a more aggressive attitude.Create value for customers and create a better future for ourselves
Our products are mainly permalloy materials and all kinds of products around them.
1. Nickel steel sheet (permalloy) series: (EI CORE of various specifications, permalloy magnetic ring ZCT CORE; U/M CORE)Permalloy (mumetal) material: NI PC material: 78%-80% nickel content; NI PB material: 45%-50% nickel content
2. Ring core series for transformer: ring punch, winding core, riveting core...
3. Core for Hall Sensor: Rectangular, Ring, L-shaped...
4. Magnetic shielding devices: shielding cover, shielding sheet, shielding box, shielding barrel...